Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Road Trip......

Awww the awesomeness of road trips!! I do not get to venture out much on my own, let alone go on a trip without my kids! I should of course give many thanks to my wonderful husband who actually agreed to let me go, and although called me more than several times a day....managed to keep himself and the kids alive. Who knows if my kids' clothes matched, if Madie's hair ever looked presentable, or if they ate meals that included anything but sugar.......I just know that they survived. Thanks honey!! (I'm sure I should also give some credit to my mother who might have been the person who kept Kevin sane).

I had never been to Arizona before Thursday.......and now, well I have and it is the coolest : ) !! I went with my sister and it was oh soo much fun!! We were able to visit this cool little town in the middle of the desert which was full of teenagers that made my sister, and not to mention myself, act like we were 16 again (my cheeks still hurt every time I remember that day). The trip also included crazy masked drivers that were trying to get a reaction out of people, Kasie almost killing us several times on the road for the sake of getting a picture of a cactus and the beautiful sunset, me illegally jumping barb wired fences to get said picture, crazy antique store owners that wouldn't give me the price I wanted on a totum pole (grrrr...), many late nights with great friends which lead to sleeping in, singing loudly to every song in the car even if we didn't know the lyrics, and best of all quality time with my big sis!! So thanks Kasie for inviting me on your trip and for acting like a teenager to the extent that I thought we were in high school again.

I really did miss my husband and kids, but sometimes it's nice to have a little time to rejuvenate. This post is a shout out to my coolio sister and all her peeps!!

P.S. the pink is supposed to represent the pink seen in the sky of a particularly beautiful sunset in Arizona

The cast is off!!

Today Logan got to stay home from pre-school to get his cast off. Yea, just in time for Halloween!! I was a little scared because I thought he would freak out when they went to cut it off, but was pleasantly surprised when all he did was giggle nervously and try to plug his ear with his free hand. If any of you have had a cast on before you know what awaits you when it comes off........a dirty arm with dead skin stuck to you underneath (I can't imagine how it would have looked if he had it on longer than 3 weeks)! It was pretty gross, just be glad I didn't get a picture of that!

He was even willing to give me a smile when I told him to look up. Afterwards he told me he liked that saw because it tickled.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No rest for the weary!!

So now that Claire is almost 9 months, you would think that she would be sleeping through the night......oh wait that would have to mean that you have a normal child. I don't know what it is, but Kevin and I only make non sleeping children.

First there was Logan, who even at a few weeks old would not sleep all day like every other newborn on this planet, but would take short cat naps that would last 20 minutes here and there. Of course anyone that knows Logan, would know that he has way to much energy for his own good. He does sleep through the night now, unless of course Madie wakes him up(they sleep in the same room right now). Then we had Madeleine, who was a pretty good newborn, but once she got out of the newborn stage decided that sleeping was cramping her lifestyle. She by far is my most difficult sleeper in the fact that she, at 2 1/2 years old, still does not sleep through the night. Oh and she stopped taking daily naps at about 18 months (I know it's crazy)! I do have to note that her restless sleep probably has something to do with the fact that she has always had health issues, with her breathing and such. So it would make sense that she has just fallen into a pattern of not sleeping very well. Now we have Claire, who when she was born I swore would break the mold. She was a very good newborn until she hit 9 days old and was admitted to the hospital for RSV. Granted she is better then the other 2 at her age because she only goes through spurts of not sleeping. It's weird.....she will sleep really good for a week, and then not so good for 2. Overall though, she is my easiest at this stage of her life.

As my mom reminds me daily when I complain, "You are no different then any other person with small children, it is just a stage in your life that will soon pass." She is of course right, but sometimes it is hard to look past your own daily trials. I know I get a little preoccupied with the fact that I am not sleeping, or that I am ready to pull my hair out because the kids have been fighting all day, and Claire will just not let me put her down.....but I really do have many things to be grateful for. I have 3 beautiful children, who some days drive me to my mental capacity, but most days bring a smile to my face with their sweet spirits. So for now Kevin and I will have permanent circles under our eyes, but will always remember how good we have it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pre-School field trip

So for those of you who don't know, I put Logan in pre-school this year. First off, let me just tell you how awesome it is....he LOVES it and so do I. It is 5 days a week for 3 hours...need I say more!! Well just today they got to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. here are a few of the pictures Kevin took. Just to let you know, every single one of them happens to include Brooklyn (who in Logan's words, "She's my girlfriend.....I just really like her okay.") They were inseparable and had an absolute blast!

This picture is funny not only because Logan is constantly grabbing Brooklyn's hand and dragging her everywhere, but also because it looks like Logan is pointing at the bum of the woman in front of him.....who knows maybe he was I wasn't there (apparently he's starting a little young). If he was I'm going to blame the obvious party on that one for rubbing off on him!

Here's what conversation would take place.....
Logan: "Hey there good lookin', you like my ride?"
Brooklyn:"Hehe, sure do can I have a ride?"

Aren't they just too cute!!

Logan's pre-school class....Logan in the back trying to get every one's attention like always.

Logan's cheesy grin, that always makes me laugh. Doesn't he look like my brother Spencer?!...He is definitely a DeWoody!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zoolander, eat your heart out...

I remember the first time I saw the reflection of this family in a spoon, and I thought to myself...."Wow they're rediculously good looking, maybe they can do that for a living."

West Family, SO HOT RIGHT NOW....West Family....

Obey my dog!!

My recent photo sessions....

So I have been meaning to put a few pictures up that I have taken recently. A few of my friends had babies a few months back and were kind enough to let me take their pictures. It was so much fun, and I love the practice (especially when it's not my own kids)! Thanks guys!

This is Robby (I hope I'm spelling that right) Tringali.....he was so good during these pictures! He's an angel Sharlene!

Look at that dimple....and those full lips! You guys are in trouble when he gets older!!

This is Bradley Bowen.....I don't know how I caught this little grin, but boy did I snap away when he did it!

sleeping away despite the fact that I had moved him several times!! Isn't he a doll!! (even though he faught going to sleep Kira, he really did sleep through a lot at the end!!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Trip to Valley Children's

Our girls are by far the more frequent residents of Valley Children's Hospital with their various breathing issues so I guess Logan, in a mad and jealous rage felt that he deserved some quality time with the nurses. He is also quite fond of jumping off of various objects as often as chance permits, so park visits are frequently spent by mom and dad convincing him that he might wish to show some reserve with respect to potential base jumping sites. He rarely understands, given that he is 4 and has somewhat miraculously escaped injury in his life to this point. Slides are an acceptable substitute when mom and dad are watching too closely and give us relatively little alarm. The most recent visit was made the 7th of this month and it was on this outing that he made his way down his favorite twisty slide and decided to stop and stand up at the bottom. Too easy a jump to concern him he leapt to his fate. We have since discovered a new type of fracture that until now has eluded our knowledge. Logan suffered a buckle fracture which compresses the bone and can be seen on the x-rays where the bone bulges out around the fracture plane. He now sports a blue "Thomas" cast which he has unfortunatley discovered grants him super powers in the punching department. Playing rough with the boy has been slightly more hazerdous ever since but fortunately for us there is only 2 more weeks seperating us from the sissy punches we're used to.