Friday, December 5, 2008

All She Wants For Christmas...

Just after Thanksgiving this year I was sitting at home with the fam and it so happened that Stephanie and Claire were both taking a nap, leaving me with Logan and Madie. I usually use this quality time to wrestle with the kids or work on their tv based education by switching "Dora" to "How it's Made" or "Future Weapons". I know what your thinking, strong candidate for father of the year, right? Thought so. Anyway, we broke the mold by writing a letter to Santa. I had to explain to the kids that because santa had to pay extra taxes to fund the various governmental bail-outs this year they could only ask Santa for one special present. Madie immediately (and repeatedly) screamed, "A Baby". My first thought, she has 2000+ babies as already, Lame! Logan thought long and hard and at last firmly requested "A Toy Trash Can". A bit crazy, but at least he hasn't got one already.
Since that letter I have taken notice of just how much Madie loves her Dolls and how very motherly she is with them. It amazes me how one so young could show such mature and nurturing characteristics found in all mother's.
Like most real mothers she spends an exceptional amount of time entertaining and caring for her babies. She is often seen cuddling them or swinging them in the baby-swing.
She also feels that her babies deserve quality time in Claire's bouncer, and to my delight tries to get them to help with chores around the house, like cleaning dishes.
She is also fond of taking her baby on walks in her baby stroller to get them some fresh air.
Madeleine is particularily patient with her babies when they get fussy and need a mother's love and gentleness to calm them. But like her larger counterparts, she has a breaking point. How then does she cope with the stresses of motherhood? Perhaps some of you mothers out there will be able to relate to our little 2 year old mother of 2000+...
I submit the question to you 2 people out there who occasional check this blog, should Santa fulfill Madie's one Christmas wish this year?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All up to speed!

Sorry for the sudden need for a million posts, I have not been very diligent keeping up lately. I think it was all that must have stayed in my system a little too long and made me sleepy!


I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! This year for Thanksgiving the whole family was in town, except for my sister-in-law Zita ( Who we missed dearly). It was so much fun to have all 11 cousins running around and all the adults playing Guitar Hero. We ate yummy food and just enjoyed each others company. Being with all of my family reminds me just how much I have to be grateful for, I am truly blessed. We were able to get a quick shot of all the kids since it's not often that we are all together. Now for the countdown to Christmas.....

I also got to go out and take some pictures of my brother Jared and his family. It was just a quick 20 minute session before we ate our turkey, but I think they turned out really cute so here is a preview for Rachel who hasn't seen them yet.

Taking pictures...

As some of you know, my husband is a photographer. Well I on occasion, take pictures as well, and I love it!! I'm not that good, and don't have any professional training, but I do it anyway (for who ever will let me). Here are some pics I took of the Bowen Family out at Woodward park. I hope they don't mind me putting some of their pics for everyone to see.....they are so cute.


12:00 AM November 21st.......yes, I was one of the crazy ones!! It was soo much fun! I went with My mom, sister Kasie, my friends Suzanne, Candice, Elizabeth, Misty, some of her family, and a whole bunch of other people from church. I liked the movie the first time, but wasn't quite sure if I loved it.....I did go a 2nd time and loved it!! Don't ask me what changed, I just think I knew what to expect the second time around, and the things I thought were weird the first time weren't weird at all the second time....go figure!! Here are some pics....

Just some of the midnight Twilighters waiting around for the movie to start...did I mention we had pretty decent seats?!

Suzanne and me. I told Suzanne I wanted to make shirts and she was nice enough to indulge me....I know I'm a dork, but isn't it fun to act like a teenager now and then?

Here is the back of our shirts......yes it says Edward Cullen bringing sexy back since 1918. It's okay to laugh, we were laughing the whole time we wore them. sister and me!! Aren't we so cute!! It's so nice to have a sister in town to do things with....but reminds me how much I miss my big sis Heather!!

P.S. Another movie we were able to see over Thanksgiving was Australia. Can I just say how much I LOVED it!! It was an awesome movie and would recommend it to everyone!! I loved it so much I saw it 2 nights in a row!