Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Logster

Sometimes I just can't stand how stinkin cute Logan is!! He can say the funniest things...he loves to make people laugh! Well today I went to pick him up from Pre-school and when I walked in his teacher said....." I just have to tell you what Logan said today..." I immediately thought oh no, WHAT DID he say??!! She then proceeded to tell me that Logan told her and the entire class that his mommy was going to have 10 kids. Well when she replied, "Really?" He said, "No, cause then my Grandma would kill herself." (apparently in a very matter of factualy tone)
I started laughing because just the day before Logan had found a picture of me when I was pregnant with him and we started talking about how many brothers and sisters he wanted. His final decision was 10. Of course Kevin and I laughed because we both know that this will never happen, but my mother (who we live with right now) said, "Not while your in my house....I would die!!" Logan apparently took this as a serious threat. Just goes to show that you need to be careful what you say around kids!! And on a side note his teacher thought it was pretty funny as well. Who knows what this kid will say next!!

I just had to post this pic.......just because my kids are cute!! Logan is going to be one protective big brother when he is older!! He loves his sisters.....when they are not pestering him.

Monday, January 12, 2009


So this year I had been thinking about starting some New Year's resolutions (thinking is the key word to remember)........some of them were to be more organized, more patient with my kids, actually listen when my kids are trying to tell me something, etc. What they are really isn't that important....especially because if history repeats itself I'm not likely to follow through. This most recent example is why maybe I should rethink my decision to ignore such resolutions........

Here's how it went down:

My mom and I were watching one of our favorite Friday daytime shows.....TLC's What Not To Wear. You all should become fans as one day I will turn Kevin in and he will be one of the few men to grace the show as his need is quite obvious. Anyways it was towards the end of the show, which is really the best and most important part when..........

Logan: "Mom, Claire's dirty!!"

Madie: "Yeah Mom, Claire's DIRTY!!!"

Mom: "It's okay guys she's been crawling around, I clean her up later." (no I did not get up or turn to look in the kitchen where they were playing to see what was going on)

silence from the children who obviously thought I knew what they were talking about and decided to let it slide.

A few minutes later........

Logan and Madie: "Mom Claire is REALLY dirty!!"

Mom: "It's okay!!"

Logan: "No Mom she is messy all over!"

Mom: "What do you mean, like on her knees and hands?"

Logan: "No....Like she is BLACK all over her face!!"

Mom: Finally catches the point and turns around to see what is going on. Through the cracks of the kitchen chairs I see Claire......"Oh my GOODNESS!!"

This is what I saw..........

So it turns out that my children are not over exaggerators like I always assume they are. Claire had found a black marker (luckily a crayola non-toxic marker) and proceeded to chew the tip off like it was some tasty treat. She needs to get her taste buds more refined because I don't see how that tasted good. Case in point.....New Year's Resolutions are a good thing.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas bells WERE ringing!!

Oh it was so much fun this HOLIDAY Season. Spending lots of time with family and watching your kids go CRAZY with excitement.....what more could you ask for?! Christmas Eve we went over to my Grandma Schulkins ate some yummy food, read the story of Christ's birth, and did our musical chimes ( which I have very fond memories of doing growing up). The only ones that made it this year were us, my mom, and my brother Jared with his wife Rachel and daughter Morgan. All the other LOSERS....I mean family members were out of town (hehe).

It was fun to see our kids enjoy one of my favorite traditions. We have sheet music for all the Christmas songs that tells you when to hit the chimes. It doesn't always sound too pretty when there are little ones/Kevin playing out of turn, but it is soo much fun!!

After Grandmas house we went back home and did our traditional opening of the pajamas. Every year we get to open one present Christmas Eve....and that present is always pajamas. We also watched as my mom and Jared and Rach exchange their gifts because they were going to be with Rach's family for Christmas day.

No I am NOT too old to still get pajamas on Christmas mom still spoils my inner child!!

The kids were so excited for Christmas Day that when I told them the sooner they went to bed the sooner Santa would come they ran straight to bed.......not one argument! I don't think I have seen them so willingly fall asleep so fast!


Madeleine was the first to wake up......and could not contain her excitement! She of course woke us up immediately and then wanted to get Logan out of bed (which we let her do). Once Logan was up we headed straight for the presents......

I Love Claire's confused expression in this pic.....but I have to be honest it is an expression she uses frequently. She is an observer and always seems a little nervous about what is going on around her.

These were the before shots of each of the kids with their pile of gifts. Once again Claire really isn't sure what to think of the situation.

As you can see in the pure joy of this smile she quickly warmed up to the idea of Christmas!

Logan did not get his trash can, but was pleased with his plethora of much more exciting gifts.

And YES Madeleine got her doll!

As well as lipstick......this girls loves makeup. Such A girly girl!!

I love Madeleine's barely off the ground jump.....and yes it was over the fact that she and Logan got some more mega blocks.

After cleaning up the wrapping paper mess and playing with toys we moved the party over to the Ryan's house. We had yummy french toast and opened some more presents........Madie got lots of princess things from Uncle Chris and Sonya....she was in heaven.

Logan got so excited to see that he got the tool set he REALLY wanted!! This is what he decided he wanted instead of a trash can.

Claire had the hang of opening and getting excited over her presents by the time we got to the Ryan's....she was a pro!!

Me modeling my lovely festive socks....and my white legs. Aren't they awesome, the socks not the white legs!!

The AWSOMENESS that is our new camera....only spec that matters....weighs less than 12 pounds!!!!!!!!!!

The Cuteness that is Madie in her Tinker Bell costume from Grandma and Grandpa Ryan.......she lovingly showing her new baby doll the proper way to be a fairy.

Tons of presents ripped open, lots of yummy food and candy eaten, loads of laughs with family= Very happy, but very tired family!!

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!