Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog Slacker!!

Yup that's me, the blog slacker. Not only have I been told several times by several people that I need to update our blog, but I also realized that all three of my children had there birthdays and I did not post one thing about any of them on there special day. To make matters worse, my last post was on January 29th which is Claire's B-Day and who did I make a post about......LOGAN!! Worst mother award goes to ME!! Well now that I have thoroughly degraded myself I shall now redeem my self esteem and catch everyone up.............

My sweet little angel Claire, turned 1!!

Claire Terese Ryan born January 29, 2008 7lbs. 15oz.

what a joy she is in our lives! Everyday her personality blossoms more and more and we just can't get enough of her. She's not much of a talker, but boy is she smart! She is very curious and loves to watch the world go by. Her giggle brings a smile to my face, and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world!!

I got sick of my hair and chopped it off!!

It is sooo much easier and takes a lot less time to do everyday. I love it!

My lovable Logan turned 5!

Logan Joseph Ryan born March 11, 2004

I can't believe my little boy turned 5!! This kid is seriously too much fun and always makes us smile. He loves to make people laugh and always surprises us with what he will says! From his expressive face to his never ending hyper feet, we love every inch of him!!

My beautiful Madie turned 3!

Madeleine Kay Ryan Born March 24, 2006

My cuddle bug! This beautiful and extremely smart little girl melts my heart. I can't believe how fast she is growing up! She always knows when I need a hug, and her endless supply of "I love yous" make every day worth while!

I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful family and I love every single one of them!!

After all the birthdays were celebrated we did have a little set back.......Madie ended up in the hospital AGAIN! My poor girls have horrible lungs and when they get sick tend to need a lot of help. The worst part about it was that it happened on her Birthday. She went to bed that night not feeling very well and had already had a couple of breathing treatments to help her feel better but unfortunately they didn't help much. A few hours after falling to sleep she woke up having difficulty breathing and when the nebulizer treatment gave almost no relief I took her straight to Valley Children's Hospital. That is where she ended up staying for 4 days with a pneumonia and asthma. We are lucky to have such a wonderful hospital so close, but unfortunate in the fact that we have had to use it several times in the last couple years! She is now home and doing wonderfully. Hopefully we can keep her from going back!

This is Madeleine telling us she is thoroughly annoyed with the whole hospital thing.
So there you have it, you are now pretty much caught up. I tried to keep it as short and sweet as possible, and promise from now on that I will try to keep my posts current :)!!
Keep looking back for our photography blog.....we need to get it up and running.