Saturday, May 16, 2009


So the other day I was sitting on the couch reading a book trying to tune out the kids (no they weren't being bad, they were just being really loud). All three of them were waiting at the window for Daddy to come home from work and laughing hysterically at Logan who was trying to kill a fly by smashing it against the window. Apparently he got it, but that's not the gross part. As I am reading, I suddenly hear Logan say, "EEWWW Claire that's Claire put a fly in her mouth!" I didn't really believe him because he was laughing when he said it, but I decided to take a look just in case. Sure enough I notice that Claire seemed to be munching on something, yup you guessed it, it was the dead fly in her mouth! I immediately run over and pull it out, and what does Claire do but stare at me with her big blue eyes and smile with her scrunched up nose. Apparently Claire needed some extra protein for the day.

Seriously I was getting a picture (which I admit is pretty gross) and Claire came back for seconds.

We love watching our little baby grow up. We are seeing more and more of her fun personality everyday. She has the ability to melt my heart when she giggles and scrunches her nose, and definitely has Daddy wrapped around her finger.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Okay, so the thing is I hate being tagged but will do it because it was from the wonderful sweet Lori. The good thing is that I haven't blogged in awhile (at least on the family blog) so this is a good excuse to write something down, and it is a relatively easy tag. So I have to write 6 unimportant things that make me happy and then tag 6 other people. And since Kevin is standing right behind me we will do two separate lists one for me and one for him. Here it goes....................


6. This actually is important to me so maybe it doesn't count; when Logan and Madie play nice.

5. When my husband so kindly takes the kids in the morning and lets me sleep in. A REAL life saver!!

4. The fact that various aspiring authors let me read their works in progress. (and you know who the main contributor is :)!)

3. The amazingly soft baby blankets that you get when you have babies. I still use them even after my kids don't.

2. American Idol. Love you Simon, lets vote Paula off.

1. Cold Dr. Pepper, just the thought of you makes me smile!


6. SpongeBob Squarepants

5. Air Conditioning

4. Texas Holdem

3. Mulligans

2. The Sci-Fi, Military, and or the Nasa Channel

1. Two-ply toilet paper

Since we put two lists of 6 unimportant things, we think that they cancel each other out. Therefore we do not need to tag anyone else ;). Wait, on second thought, we want to tag Jared & Kasie West (yes they must be separate lists). We think their lists would be mighty entertaining.