Friday, January 29, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my not so baby GIRL!!

Oh how I just LOVE this little girl to pieces!! I can't believe she turns 2 today, time has just flown by and I am having trouble not calling her my baby (because lets face it, she is a full blown toddler)! She is just the sweetest little girl and always knows how to make us smile. She is also fiercely independant and wants to do everything herself and is not satisfied until she has at least tried multiple times..........which she then may or may not except our help. She is always willing to give kisses and hugs and knows how to give a good grumpy face as well, which usually just induces laughter from her and us!! I could go on and on about her wonderful personality and how much we LOVE her!! We are just lucky to call her ours!! HAPPY birthday my not so baby girl!!

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