Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh how I want to win this GIVEAWAY!!

I am an admitted BLOG stalker. I love to look at blogs especially photography blogs (that is no surprise to anyone that knows me) and blogs that have anything adorable or cute in any way. Well, today I was looking at some AWESOME blogs and I happened to stumble across this one...........

You have to go look at this blog, they have an etsy shop too. They have the most adorable headbands and bows/clips I have seen!! And to top it off they are doing a big $100 giveaway. All you have to do is blog about it and then leave a comment on their blog with a link to your post or you can just leave a comment telling your favorite item. There are a few other ways to enter as well, but I REALLY want to win, so cross your fingers for me :)!! Have a fantabulously AWESOME Friday!!

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